Applications are open for the 4844 Data Challenge grants round. See the details and apply.
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Layer 2 Community Grants 2022

Calling all Ethereans! The Ethereum Foundation offers a pool of $750,000 in grants that will help scale the network while preserving decentralization and public goods.

A mad panda scientist working on ethereum
A mad panda scientist working on ethereum

Applications for this grant wave are closed.

If you're still interested in pursuing grants for a project, you can still go through our standard applications.

Layer 2 Community Grants 2022

The Ethereum Foundation sponsors grants to support layer 2 applications, analytics and education. Rollups are layer 2 scaling solutions for Ethereum without compromising on security or decentralization. This grants round has up to $750,000 in total available.

Proposals are due in 6 weeks from October 24th, 2022.

All of the details you’ll need to apply can be found below.


  • The Ethereum Foundation is launching a grants initiative to encourage research and development around layer 2 applications and education from researching L2 metrics, multi-layer block explorer, compression for rollups, and educating more users on L2.
  • Layer 2 continues to grow rapidly, and the ecosystem needs more builders - Read below and apply (all genuine applications are reviewed and replied to with feedback).


Surprise us with your creativity! But here are a few ideas to kickstart your imagination:

  • An open-source block explorer that supports all rollups
  • Better compression for rollups
  • Research and define metrics for better understanding and comparing L2 activity -- e.g. transactions, TVL, etc
  • Check out a full list here
  • The goal of this grant round is to foster a community that builds applications, analytics and education
    • Anyone passionate about building layer 2 applications and tools
    • This is especially a good opportunity for builders that want to learn more about zero-knowledge applications
    • Worldwide applications encouraged
    • This is open to both individuals and teams
    • For-profit companies can apply, although the work for the grant must be open source, freely accessible and non-commercial


The grant application window opens for 6 weeks from October 24th, 2022 and closes on December 5th, 2022

Submit a proposal at any stage of your project

  • Ideas and projects at any stage of development are welcome:
    • Idea phase
    • Proof-of-concept
    • Work in progress
    • Fleshed out project
  • Grants are decided case-by-case basis, and you may enter more than one proposal! So long as each proposal is unique and meets the requirements
  • We may contact you to discuss the project in more detail


  • Proposals must be in English
  • Work must be open source with a free and permissive license
  • If published work, it must be accessible by a URL

Selection criteria

A few selection criteria considerations (depending on the submission type, some criteria might not be applicable):

  • Potential impact on the Layer 2 ecosystem
  • Relevant team experience for the project
  • Clarity, conciseness and organization of documentation
  • Timeline of project

Next steps and support

Frequently asked questions

People gathered around the Ethereum tree
People gathered around the Ethereum tree