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Data Collection Grants 2023

A proactive grants round to improve the community's data collection capabilities.

Proposals are due at 11:59 UTC October 23rd 2023.

All of the details you'll need to apply can be found below.

A person standing at the top of a hill looking at a vast landscape that contains things with the shape of different types of charts
A person standing at the top of a hill looking at a vast landscape that contains things with the shape of different types of charts

Applications for this grant wave are closed.

If you're still interested in pursuing grants for a project, you can still go through our standard applications.


The Ecosystem Support Program is launching this grants initiative to encourage research and development around data collection and visualization of the Ethereum network. We are looking for builders to work on testnets, data collection and XATU. The Ethereum ecosystem needs more free and open source infrastructure for researchers, developers, and data analysts—read below and apply!


Testnets: Updated homepages, fork monitors, and DVT Testing

Data Collection: Improved indexing, anonymous data collection, and standardized data models

XATU: Plugins and visuals for the existing data pipeline

Full wishlist here

Submit a proposal

  • You must submit a written proposal in pdf format
    • Proposals must be in English
    • Here is a template for a proposal
    • If published work, it must be accessible by a URL
  • Ideas and projects at any stage of development are welcome:
    • Idea phase
    • Proof-of-concept
    • Work in progress
    • Fleshed out project
  • Grants are decided on a case-by-case basis, and you may enter more than one proposal! So long as each proposal is unique and meets the requirements
  • We may contact you to discuss the project in more detail


The grant application window opens for 4 weeks from September 25th, 2023 and closes on October 23rd, 2023.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Individuals, teams or organizations
  • Newcomers to Ethereum, established projects, past grantees or applicants
  • Any area of expertise - we work with developers, researchers, academics, designers, educators, communicators, community organizers, and more
  • Projects at any point in the development process: just an idea, early stages, proof of concept, or with significant progress already made. However, we do not fund past work
  • Builders of any age, origin, identity or background

What is NOT eligible

  • Anything that is not legal within the jurisdiction where the work is taking place
  • Financial products (trading, investment products, lending, betting, etc)
  • Projects with a planned token launch or public funding round
  • Art projects or charities that don’t fit within our scope

Selection criteria

A few selection criteria considerations (depending on the submission type, some criteria might not be applicable):

  • Potential impact on the Ethereum data ecosystem
  • Relevant team experience for the project
  • Clarity, conciseness and organization of proposal
  • Detailed budget and timeline
  • Alignment with grants round goals and stated wishlist

Next steps and support

For general support questions about your submission, please email [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

People gathered around the Ethereum tree
People gathered around the Ethereum tree