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4844 Data Challenge

The Ethereum Foundation is sponsoring a 4844 data analysis and visualization blog post challenge. Here are all the details you need.

A person standing at the top of a hill looking at a vast landscape that contains things with the shape of different types of charts
A person standing at the top of a hill looking at a vast landscape that contains things with the shape of different types of charts

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Calling all Ethereans, data scientists, data engineers, data visualizers, developers, and anyone interested in digging into Ethereum data!

EIP-4844 is coming, providing a more scalable gas market for Ethereum’s future – as well as more data, lots and lots of data. And the Ethereum community needs your help to make sense of it all.

The challenge

Document your best 4844 data insights in the most readable blog post possible – for prizes!

The Ethereum Foundation is running this challenge because there’s a lot to learn and discover from 4844’s mainnet activity. Your findings will give the Ethereum community – from beginners to researchers and client developers – important insights into blob data and transactions.


  • What new visualizations help provide insight into the blob data market?
  • What kinds of protocols are using blobs?
  • How does blob gossip perform on the mainnet p2p network?

In addition to the prompt questions above, here’s a wishlist of data analysis avenues to explore.


Up to USD $30,000

Entries must be considered sufficiently impactful/insightful by the community judging team to be eligible for rewards.

How to submit

Anyone is free to submit, here’s how:

  1. Collect and analyze 4844 data
    • Either with existing tools
    • Or for the extra ambitious, build your own tool and tell us about it!
  2. Detail out your work in a blog post
  3. Submit!

You may submit more than one blog post! So long as each posts focuses on a different visualisation or piece of analysis.


  • Blog post must be in English
    • There are no length requirements
  • Blog posts must be public and original
  • Data analysis or visualization must concern EIP-4844 data
  • Tools and scripts used (and created) must be free and open source and referenced in the blog post


Submissions are due 23:59 UTC June 14th, 2024.

Judging criteria

Prizes for this round will be selected by judges from the Ethereum Foundation and community using the following considerations. Note: depending on the proposal, some criteria might not be applicable:

  • Overall quality and clarity of data analysis or data visualization
    • Quality of insights into the effects of EIP-4844
  • Insights that lead to substantive changes/improvements in client implementations or specifications
  • Analyses or visualizations that help a non-technical audience gain insight into the network
  • Quality of contribution to the Ethereum tooling ecosystem (if applicable)

How to get started

Using existing data

Access to Xatu data is available on request via a clickhouse client. This data includes captured Beacon API event stream and mempool events from multiple sentries in various continents. Here is the list of tables available.

Helpful resources


For any general support questions about your submission, please email [email protected].

People gathered around the Ethereum tree
People gathered around the Ethereum tree