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Account Abstraction Grants 2023

The Ethereum Foundation is looking to provide grants to any builders who are interested in continuing to improve and strengthen the infrastructure surrounding Account Abstraction on Ethereum. This grants round has up to $300,000 available to distribute to the community.

People inside transparent boxes with different shapes in a beautiful landscape
People inside transparent boxes with different shapes in a beautiful landscape

Applications for this grant wave are closed.

If you're still interested in pursuing grants for a project, you can still go through our standard applications.

Starting on February 27, 2023, we will begin to accept proposals over the next 4 weeks.

Deadline: March 31, 2023

All of the details you'll need to apply can be found below.


  • The Ethereum Foundation is launching a new grants round to encourage development, research, and education around Account Abstraction and the necessary infrastructure to support it.
  • While Account Abstractions frees the design space for user experience and wallet innovation, the community still needs to build and establish a set of standard interfaces without compromising on decentralization and censorship-resistance.
  • We encourage the various community builders in the ecosystem to share their ideas and apply! All genuine applications are reviewed and replied to with feedback 😃


Surprise us with your creativity! But here are a few ideas to kickstart your imagination:

  • webauthn transaction validation
  • Account Abstraction Block Explorer
  • Bundlers
  • p2p messaging
  • sequencer RPC
  • Data showing Account Abstraction wallets vs EOA Wallets (might be no. of hacks, people signing up to AA wallets)
  • Educational content:
    • to help new and existing users understand Account Abstraction
    • for protocols and developers

Check out a full wishlist here.


The grant application window opens for 4 weeks from February 27th, 2023 and closes on March 31st, 2023.

Submit a proposal at any stage of your project

  • Ideas and projects at any stage of development are welcome:
    • Idea phase
    • Proof-of-concept
    • Work in progress
    • Fleshed out project
  • Grants are decided on a case-by-case basis, and you may enter more than one proposal! So long as each proposal is unique and meets the requirements.
  • Proposals must be in a linked document in english. We have a general template for an idea of what topics to include.
  • We may contact you to discuss the project in more detail
  • Due to the size of the grant round, the budget for proposals will be capped at $50,000.

Who can apply?

  • Anyone passionate about building out the Account Abstraction ecosystem in a collaborative way.
  • This is open to both individuals and teams from all parts of the world.
  • For-profit companies can apply, although the work for the grant must be open source, freely accessible and non-commercial.


  • Proposals must be in English.
  • Work must be open source with a free and permissive license.
  • If published work, it must be accessible by a URL
  • The working version of the EIP and the contracts implementation standard are required for any applicable proposal.

Selection criteria

A few selection criteria considerations, in no particular order (depending on the submission type, some criteria might not be applicable):

  • Potential impact on the Account Abstraction ecosystem and its adoption.
  • Relevant experience for the project
  • Clarity, conciseness and organization of documentation
  • Contribution to the wishlist areas
  • The potential of long-term contribution
  • Timeline of project
  • Reasonable budget

Helpful Resources

Next steps and support

For general support questions about your submission, please email [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

People gathered around the Ethereum tree
People gathered around the Ethereum tree