About ESP support

The “support” in Ecosystem Support Program can mean many different things, from project validation and encouragement to more tangible resources such as platform credits or financial grants.

Grants are narrowly defined, with some specific qualifying criteria and standardized processes for any inquiry that moves into a formal grant proposal. You can read more about our grants program here.

The other work we do is less clear-cut. The Ethereum Foundation has many valuable resources: visibility; access to a massive collective knowledge base; a creative and dedicated team; connections to leading developers, researchers and community members. Our goal is to deploy these resources as impactfully as we can.

Types of support

Some of the most common forms of support we've provided in the past include:

  • Feedback and guidance
  • Facilitating collaborations with other teams and individuals
  • Connections with mentors, advisors or others working in the same topic area
  • Information about events (hackathons, conferences, etc.) to meet the community, showcase work, and get feedback
  • Introductions to community members in the same geographical area
  • Platform credits
  • Event sponsorships
  • Identifying opportunities for grants, bounties, incubators or other funding sources

This is not an exhaustive list! We are always open to new ideas, and happy to explore possibilities outside our usual “menu” as our capabilities allow.

For some examples of projects that have received support other than traditional financial grants, check out our blog post, ESP: Beyond Grants.

It all starts with an inquiry!

If you’re interested in requesting support from ESP, the first step is to fill out an inquiry. The inquiry process is designed to be flexible and find the best solution for each project we hear from; think of this form as the start of a conversation, not a formal application. If you're still feeling uncertain, just select "General Inquiry" and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

You can find detailed information on the inquiry process in our Guide to ESP.