Guide to ESP

Identify support opportunities

Once we've gotten to know you and your project, we'll work to identify ways we might be able to support you in moving your work forward.

Sometimes it's as simple as a friendly conversation and a nudge in the right direction, pointing you to resources, communities or events that could be useful to you. Some common support opportunities include:

  • Feedback and direction
  • Collaborations with other teams and individuals
  • Connections¬†with mentors, advisors or others working in the same topic area
  • Introductions to community members in the same geographical area
  • Information about events (hackathons, conferences, etc.) to meet the community, showcase work, and get feedback
  • Identifying opportunities for grants, bounties, or other funding sources

These are examples of the kinds of support we offer - but it's very much a personalized process. If what you need isn't on our usual menu, we're still happy to talk about it and see if it's a capability we can add. Often it makes sense to take a multi-pronged approach rather than limiting ourselves to a single category of support, such as combining initial technical feedback with ongoing mentorship or recommending an event and facilitating connections with other attendees.

We consider many angles in deciding what support we're able to provide. Among other things, we'll take into account your goals, your stated needs, the stage of your project and ESP's own goals and priorities. There's no guarantee that an inquiry will result in any specific type of support, and there are times when a project's needs just don't match up with our capabilities, but we're always looking for ways to help if we can!