Guide to ESP

ESP Formal Grant Proposal

The first step in applying for a grant is to fill out a formal proposal.

Team structure and qualifications

In addition to some basic information about your organization and team, we want to understand why this is the right team to take on this particular project - how does the team's expertise match the project's main challenges, and how does the main team members' past work prepare them to meet the project's objectives.

Project details

You'll be asked about details about your technical approach, roadmap and rationale. Some of the areas you'll address will include:

  • Main concept: what will you do or produce?
  • Current status: is this an idea, proof of concept, MVP, or established project?
  • Roadmap: beginning point, end point, milestones and anticipated challenges
  • Why this project is important to Ethereum?
  • How does the project add to work already being done in the same area - not only how it's different from current efforts, but why that difference matters?

When describing your project, it's easy to over-focus on the product you're building. Of course we want to know what you're building, but we also want to know what problem you're solving, why it's the right problem to solve, and how existing work fails to solve it satisfactorily.


Here you'll tell us what you expect will be the impact of the final outcome - how will the Ethereum ecosystem be strengthened or advanced? What will be possible that wasn't possible before? How many people will benefit? Also consider intermediate impacts (e.g. a research paper that will be useful to other teams) and indirect impacts (e.g. sparking important discussions or building relationships with other communities).

Sustainability and use of resources

Finally, we'll ask for a breakdown of how you intend to spend any allocated funds or other requested resources, as well as your plans for sustaining the project after the end of the grant. We'll also ask whether you've secured or applied for any other sources of funding - there is no wrong answer here! Having multiple sources of funding can reflect well on a team's long-term vision for sustainability, and it certainly doesn't rule out an additional contribution from ESP.