Guide to ESP

ESP Inquiry Details

First and foremost, don't be intimidated by this form or lose sleep over it - it really is just the start of a conversation. It's good to be clear, specific and thoughtful, but don't worry about perfection. Reading every word of this page is not a necessity; we just want to make sure you can get clarity about any of the questions if you're unsure what we're asking for!

After your inquiry is submitted, we'll get in touch within 1-2 business days to get the conversation started. From there we'll answer any questions you might have and ask you for more info if needed.

Project name

If you're inquiring as an individual, you can just give your own name (this doesn't need to be a legal name at this point - we just want to know what name you'd like us to use when we get in touch).

Team profile

If you're part of a team, include any members of your team that are working on the project you're inquiring about. This is open-ended and you can share anything you think is relevant, but useful aspects to address could include:

  • Information about yourself: skills, background, online bio if available
  • Time commitments/constraints, and whether you are looking to work on your proposed project full-time or as a side project
  • Any other details that you'd like us to be aware of

Project description

Tell us as much about your project as you can! Consider including details such as:

  • Stage of your project (just an idea, already in progress, proof of concept or prototype)
  • Main goals and planned approach
  • Online resources (website, research papers, articles, blog posts, GitHub, etc)
  • Anything else you think we should know!


As an organization we focus on doing what's best for Ethereum, so we want to know how your work will benefit the Ethereum ecosystem.

  • What problem are you solving?
  • What does success look like for your project?
  • If there are existing projects working toward similar goals, how does your work add to what's already being done?
  • Who will benefit, and how: what tools or opportunities will people have that they didn't have before? What will be possible that wasn't possible before?

What are the most significant obstacles facing your project or your team right now?

What is preventing you from accomplishing your goals? This could include things like:

  • Technical dilemmas that you're struggling to overcome
  • Difficulty finding support or community in your geographical area
  • Uncertainty about how to move forward (or where to begin)

What are some of your most pressing needs?

What would be most helpful to you in the immediate future? If your most pressing need is funding, it's helpful for us to know that - but try to think more holistically as well. Needs vary widely between projects, but some general categories could include:

  • Feedback and direction
  • Collaborations or connections with other teams, mentors or advisors
  • Information about events or other opportunities to meet the community, showcase work, and get feedback

If funding is your primary concern, you can also include the amount you're looking for and how you intend to use it.

Previous work

Here, we're looking for more specifics on what you've accomplished and what you're currently working on. Don't worry if you have an nontraditional resume - there are plenty of ways to show your work! Are you a frequent commenter on r/ethereum? Have you posted work to Do you contribute to any GitHub repos? Show us your contributions, whatever form they might take.