Guide to ESP

ESP Funding Decision Details

Once the review process is completed, the ESP team makes a final decision on whether to fund the proposal, and the amount that will be allocated.

Having collaborated with the applicant on refining the proposal, gathered feedback from technical advisors and evaluated the final proposal, the ESP team now looks at all of the information and analysis gathered throughout the review process in order to make a funding decision.

At this point some practical aspects are also defined:

  • Funding amount
  • Funding structure (will funding be delivered as a lump sum, in tranches, based on milestones or deliverables?)
  • Progress evaluation criteria (how is success defined?)
  • Milestones and deliverables (what is the team expected to accomplish, and on what timeline?)
  • Expectations for how funding will be used

When weighing possible funding options the team will consider factors like impact on higher-level goals, alternative ways that these goals could be addressed, how funding this project might either encourage or discourage others working toward similar goals, and whether the EF is best suited to support the project versus another funding source, in order to find a level of support that furthers our mission of moving Ethereum forward while using resources as effectively as we can.