Guide to ESP

ESP Grant Evaluation Tips

More about how we evaluate grant proposals.

Building on the information provided in the initial proposal, the ESP team will look deeper into some key areas to unpack, clarify or revisit, such as:


  • How technically competent is the team?
  • Is the team value aligned?
  • Is this the best team to execute this idea?


  • Is the concept plausible and technically sound?
  • Is it sufficiently ambitious?
  • Does it advance the state of the art?
  • Is it sufficiently differentiated from other efforts?
  • Is it aligned with other efforts?

Execution & Implementation

  • Does the roadmap make logical sense?
  • What are the key challenges or "sub-projects" within the roadmap?
  • Which aspects of the roadmap are crucial and which are "nice-to-have"?


  • Does the project address something important to Ethereum that is not already adequately addressed?
  • Is the approach clear, and does it make sense?
  • Is there a clear reason why specific features and functions have been proposed?


  • What are the likely downsides?
  • What are the potential unintended consequences?

During this part of the process, the ESP team is in close contact to discuss initial feedback and concerns. We'll also think about ways to rescope, breaking up the roadmap to examine which parts are most compelling, which have tangible value in and of themselves, and which would test the project's core assumptions most efficiently. This is an opportunity for you to think more deeply about the project and roadmap, and we'll work with you to revise the initial proposal before submitting a final version.