Ethereum Grants

About ESP Grants

Grants are one of the many ways that ESP supports projects in the Ethereum ecosystem. When we say "grants,” we're referring to direct funding awarded following a formal application, intensive review, and a decision made by the ESP team with input from technical advisors.

Requirements and Guidelines

When it comes to ESP inquiries, we’re happy to hear from any type of project to see what kind of support we might be able to provide. However, we have some specific criteria for projects that go on to apply for traditional grants:

  • Any code resulting from work funded by a grant must be open source
  • Proposed work should have the potential to positively impact Ethereum
  • We do not fund for-profit work (but work on public goods by for-profit entities is fair game)
  • We will not fund or promote any project with an ongoing or upcoming ICO or public funding round

Grants tend to focus on public goods, universal tools and common infrastructure, but this is a general guideline rather than a hard requirement.

We're always open to new ideas, exploration and experimentation. If you think your project can help Ethereum thrive but aren't sure if it fits these guidelines, let's talk! Even if grant funding isn't a viable option, we may be able to help in some other way. You can read more about our holistic approach to supporting the Ethereum ecosystem here.

It all starts with an inquiry!

If you’re interested in applying for a grant, the first step is to fill out an inquiry. There is no separate process for a grant application; if a grant is what you’re after, feel free to let us know in your inquiry! We’ll start by getting to know you through the information you provide in the inquiry and any follow-up conversations, and go from there.

If your inquiry progresses to a formal proposal, we’ll gather detailed information on your goals, technical approach, planned execution and more. The ESP team will work with you to refine and rescope your proposal as needed, then evaluate the final proposal with input from technical advisors before a funding decision is made.

More Information

You can find detailed information on the inquiry and grant application processes in the Guide to ESP.

Our Wishlist includes some of the areas we've been most focused on recently. Keep in mind that the Wishlist is not meant to serve as a comprehensive list of ESP's interests or a call for specific proposals, but to spark ideas and give context for our work.

If you'd like to learn more about past grant recipients, check out our featured projects for a few great examples of grant-funded work, or our regular allocation updates for a more comprehensive list: