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How to Apply

Whether you're working on a specific project, or you're still exploring possibilities, you can connect with our team for guidance.

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Apply to Small Grants

Answer the following questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. The information you provide now is what we'll use to make a final decision on whether to award a grant.

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Tell us about yourself, your experience, and your motivations. Feel free to link to any biography pages, LinkedIn pages, etc.
Where are you located, or where is your team located?



Please choose a category that your project best fits in. Additional questions will appear based on your selection.

A short, concise title of what you're working on.
Github, Radicle, etc.
Please provide links to published code, research, or other documentation of what you've worked on.
Describe the main concept and components of the proposed work.
What are the specific problems, research questions, or needs you are trying to address?
How do you know people need what you're making? Why is this project important for your target demographic/problem area?
What other solutions are being worked on, and what alternatives do people currently rely on? Do you have unique expertise/perspective?

Requested amount

Choose denominated currency and enter a whole number in the Amount field

Give us an itemized breakdown of how you'll be using the requested funds. Provide a brief timeline of the expected work and estimated budget. For each month or stage of work, list: main objectives, tasks that need to be completed to reach each objective, deliverables, and anticipated budget.
If so, how?
If not, why not?
How do you aim to be sustainable after the grant? Alternatively, tell us why this project doesn't need to be sustainable!
Has anything changed? If you're considering reapplying, we recommend signing up for Office Hours first before restarting the application process.
If so, where else did you get funding from?
What's the official title of your event?
Please enter the first date of your event (DD/MM/YYYY)
The more information the better!
Meetup, Facebook page, event site, etc (URL only).
For example: Will your agenda include talks, workshops, discussions? What is your planned format - round table, showcase or a more informal setting? What are your goals for the event?
Please briefly describe the topics you plan to cover at this event. For example: staking, zero knowledge, defi, social impact, NFTs, etc.


Enter a whole number. Ex: 300.
Please list the City and Country of where your event will be located
Ex: developers, entrepreneurs, general community.
Please list their full names and topic discussion. If you do not have any confirmed speakers, please explain why.
Please itemize your anticipated costs - best estimates are ok if things are not yet confirmed or dependent on final attendee count.

Requested amount

Choose denominated currency and enter a whole number in the Amount field


Please include the person's name and details of their referral.
Is there anything we should know about that hasn't been covered by the questions above? You also have the option to link any supporting documents or relevant sites here.


Event sponsorships are not grants - there are some key differences in the way they are administered - but the application process starts in the same way.

People gathered around the Ethereum tree
People gathered around the Ethereum tree