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Whether you're working on a specific project, or you're still exploring possibilities, you can connect with our team for guidance.

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This webform collects information about you and your project. Please use the spaces below to answer the following questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. The information you provide now is what we'll use to determine whether to award a grant. If you have any questions, please visit the Project Grants FAQ page.

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Briefly describe your organization. Provide links to previous work. How is your organization suited to the project's objectives, and how does it provide the necessary expertise?


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Describe your project in a few sentences (you'll have the chance to go into more detail in the long form). If it's already underway, provide links to any existing published work.
For example, do you have an MVP? Please describe its functionality and limitations and provide a link to it here.
What is the specific problems, research questions, or needs you are trying to address?
Provide a summary that includes a timeline of the expected work and an estimated budgetary breakdown.
Estimated grant amount. Ex: USD 50,000.
Why should solving these problems or addressing these needs be prioritized, what evidence do you have of importance or demand?
What other solutions are being worked on, what unique contribution will you make or advance will you provide beyond the state of the art?
Public goods are things like open source code, shared infrastructure, openly shared research, documentation, community building or other benefits provided to the community that are typically under-provided by the free market.
If not, please explain why.
Please list the expected results of the project and explain how they will have a positive effect on the Ethereum ecosystem at large.
What are the critical risks, relating to both project implementation and achieving expected impacts?
Where are you located, or where is your team located?

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People gathered around the Ethereum tree
People gathered around the Ethereum tree